Andrzej was born in Warsaw, Poland.

During his teenage years he was interested in art and graphic design and, following introduction of the earliest personal computers, in application of novel techniques in the process of generating graphics. In 1989 his article regarding the latter was published in popular youth computer magazine.

Throughout studies at Warsaw University of Technology he was developing his interest in technique of analysis and creation of graphics, focusing primarily on design of artificial neural networks. At that time he also published articles in scientific journals. In 1996 he defended with an ‘excellent’ degree his master’s thesis concerning design of artificial neural networks for use in digital image processing. At the same time he graduated at Publishing Institute as graphic designer and operator of Adobe software.

Following studies he joined Xerox Corporation as graphics and personalised high-volume graphics application engineer and simultaneously demonstrated greater interest in photography. In 2000 he widened his interest in relational databases, joined mobile phone network operating company as personalised graphics specialist and started his fascination with studio-photography.

Currently he specialises in portrait and glamour photography having possibility to combine graphic techniques and sophisticated photo-montages with traditional photography.