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Portrait of Anna Samusionek, 2008
Model: Anna Samusionek
Photographer:Andrzej Orlowski
Stylisation:Adrianna Wysocka
 Renata Godlewska
"Fire and Ice" backstage, 2008
Model: Ewelina Serafin
Photographer:Andrzej Orlowski
Make-up artist:Renata Godlewska
StylisationAdrianna Wysocka
Portrait of Ramona Rey, 2008
Model: Ramona Rey
Photographer:Andrzej Orlowski
Stylisation:Renata Godlewska
 Adrianna Wysocka
Backstage video:Mateusz Jagielski
"Binh" backstage video, 2007
Model: Le Thanh Binh
Photographer:Andrzej Orlowski
Make-up artist:Marta Kleszcz
Backstage video:Ludwik Podgorski
Assistant:Piotr Szmidt